Why you shouldn't judge a foundation on its first try - Too Faced, Born This Way Review

March 23, 2017

I don't many high-end foundations. There are so many great drugstore ones at a quarter of the price and when I was a student, I couldn't justify the £30+ price tag.

Since graduating and bagging myself a full-time job, I have started to splash out more on the makeup and skincare front. However my limited experience with high-end items meant that when I bought the Too Faced Born This Way foundation at £29, I expected it to be life-changing, earth-shattering, skin perfectingly good.

So when I applied it and it wasn't a dream to blend, didn't make me look like I'd lost 15lbs and nobody even mentioned by perfect complexion, I was left wondering if I'd wasted my money.

But I continued to wear it and applied it almost every day of the week, more out of principal than anything else, my mind did begin to change. Switching back to a drugstore foundation for the day probably bought to light some of Born This Way's better qualities.

For starters, this foundation is great for filling in large pores and disguising them so they barely look visible. It's kind of like you slightly edited your face just to blur out those areas a little. I have noticeable pores on my cheeks, my nose and on my chin so this was a win for me.

Although I did have to work a little harder to blend this into my skin initially than my other foundations, the end result was seamless and everything applied very well on top of it. Perhaps my blending issues came from the fact that the shade (Ivory) was just that bit too dark for me? I didn't know, but for thirty quid, I thought I would emerge a new woman.

I'm overreacting, of course. £29 isn't that expensive for a foundation in the grand scheme of things and it's very much a budget high-end brand (if there is such a thing). What you need to understand is that I've always lived to my means and £30 is my weekly food shop. I wanted this thing to be fantastical! Obvs, I realise I expected a little tooooo much from this.

Another great thing about this foundation however is the coverage. It has great coverage to say how lightweight it feels on the skin. I think this is going to be a great one for days out in the summer when you want the benefits of a heavier foundation, but not the heaviness.

I became less disappointed as time went on and Born This Way really is a great foundation. The way it sits on the skin alone shows the quality of the product and it does last the working day. I will definitely continue to use it and this little journey of mine has taught me not to judge a product on it's first application. Giving it a fair run will likely begin to show you better results.

To conclude: this is a stellar product but if you are counting the pennies, there are some fantastic drugstore options that perform just as well as this one.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you ever expected too much from a product because of it's price tag?

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