What happened to 2016?

January 08, 2017

2017 is here. Quicker than I ever could have imagined. Last year has gone in the blink of an eye. My 2016 was to lose weight (for real this time) and it's all too easy to look down at my same-sized self and consider last year a failure.

It's taken me a little while to sit down and process everything that happened in 2016. I tend to brush things off as not being very important when in hindsight, that shit is big news. Often we don't take enough time to reflect on what we have achieved so that is exactly what I decided to do today.

Here's my 2016:

I graduated from university 
I completed a dissertation. I finished my work experience. I read and read and read. And you know what? I still didn't feel like I was good enough to graduate. Still, I wore my too small cap proudly, didn't trip on stage and collected my 2.1 degree with only a slightly clammy hand. 

I moved back to my parents 
This was one of the hardest things to come to terms with when leaving uni. Moving out of the cosy flat I shared with my best friends and into a box room that had no wardrobe and little privacy was suffocating. Moving out of the city centre meant that it took me twice as long to get to work and nothing was within a few minutes walk. Surprisingly, not being able to do my own food shopping or cook my own meals was very frustrating.

I went to Benicassim festival 
Mine and Jord's first festival alone and probably the first time abroad we could call 'travelling'. Yeah, it was only Spain but four hour bus journeys and sleeping in a tent does not coincide with what I would describe as a 'holiday'. The whole time I was overly anxious about losing our passports/phones/money but I have to say it was one of the best experiences. You can't really complain when the sun is shining, live music is playing around the clock and cheap foreign lager is in your belly.

I got a job
One of the most scariest achievements of the year. Entering the 'real' working world when all you've ever done is work behind a bar and be in education. Breaking out of a routine you've had for over 5 years is difficult. Also, the realisation that this is it - I'll likely be expected to work now until I retire. Obviously, this may not be the case but that fact hit me like a tonne of bricks. However, I landed myself a graduate job only a month after completing university and 2 days before my graduation day, in a relevant role that should help me develop my marketing and writing skills.

I moved into my own flat
Although I moved out of my parents house three years ago to head off to university, I never considered student accommodation as a real-life grown-up flat. Moving in with my boyfriend of five years is nerve-wracking enough (What if he hates the way I brush my teeth? Does he know my hair gets everywhere? Is he scared of seeing me on the toilet?!) but having to sort out paying your own rent, council tax, electricity, gas, water and TV licence, choosing an internet provider etc. is SO CONFUSING. It's much easier when your student loan comes in and goes straight back out without having to think about any of that stuff. Nevertheless, I love our little flat in the city centre and I love living with Jord. Choosing homeware and bed sheets was also pretty fun!

I went to Rome
Ever since I watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie over 10 years ago, it has been my dream to visit Italy. Also because pizza and pasta. We booked flights when they were cheap and found a nice guesthouse on the outskirts of Rome city centre, right near Vatican City. It was a dream, the weather was on our side and we saw so many things and stuffed our faces with cheesy carbs for four days straight. Saying that, we walked everywhere and I'm almost certain we must have walked off a pizza or two! Rome is a stunning city and an experience I'd recommend to everyone.

Phew, what a year. I wonder what 2017 will bring!

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