Collection: Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette | REVIEW

April 01, 2016

I'm currently desperately trying to procrastinate from writing my dissertation so I thought I would do a much needed review of the most recent Collection eyeshadow palette. 

I adored the Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette so it was inevitable that I was going to buy the Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose palette too, and for £3.99 I couldn't not buy it at that price!

As you can see, my Nude palette is definitely well loved and I've got a feeling that the Nude Rose one is going to settle in very nicely.

The palette consists of six beautifully shimmery shades, ranging from a light pinky silver, to pretty rose golds, through to a dark purpley plum.  

Each shade is is superbly pigmented for the price and glides on beautifully! They are really buttery and I'm constantly impressed by how easy they are to blend.

They do have slight fallout, so make sure to tap away any excess before applying, and I really wish the packaging was better, but for the price and quality of the shadows, you really can't go wrong. I guess you can't have it all!

These are the perfect colours as we're heading into spring and summer and I find myself reaching for this palette again and again. They're really compact so perfect to travel with and I always take them with me when I'm going between home and uni. 

They last all day and the lighter colours make for very pretty highlighters too!

I really think the Collection eyeshadows give the more expensive ones a good run for their money and I will definitely be purchasing more. 

What did you think of them?

Chel x

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