Tasty Thai at Thaikun, Nottingham

January 27, 2016

Thaikun is a brand new restaurant in the recently refurbished food court in Victoria Centre, Nottingham and I was lucky enough to attend the launch party and have a taste of all the yummy food and alcohol.

I've never been to Thailand myself but I love the food and have it on good authority that the food from Thaikun is really authentic. It's worth noting that all of the stuff in the restaurant was sourced directly from Thailand, from the chairs right down to the wall art to the plates the food is served on.
First up, we got ourselves some amazing drinks. The Lucky Buddha beer was really lovely, it had those aromatic flavours you always look for in an Asian beer and didn't have the horrible twang that Carlsberg tends to have. We also went for 4 pints of Singha beer which came in this huge pump that you could pour out yourselves. The Thaikun cocktail was served in a takeaway box which was really unique and, of course, delicious!

I was really impressed with the starters. They were so so nice and were quite big portions too. This is the Por Pia Gai (chicken sring rolls), Moo Ping (marinated pork skewers) and Tod Man Khao Pod (sweetcorn cakes).
Every dish was really nice and had wonderful flavours. I was pleased that the pork wasn't tough and dry and nothing was greasy or too heavy for a starter.

For mains, we ordered a bit of everything, including Gang Kiew Wan Gai (Chicken Green Curry), Gang Phed Ped (Duck Red Curry), Phad Thai Gai (Chicken Pad Thai) and Moo Prik Ging (roasted pork belly, fried with red curry sauce and green beans). 

Everything tasted amazing, basically. It was all cooked to perfection, the pork belly was super soft and not at all chewy. I particularly enjoyed the red curry, it had so many different flavours going on and was really creamy and sweet. The green curry was packed full of aromatic spices and amazing vegetables and the Pad Thai was so yummy.

For sides, we got some jasmine rice and some sticky rice, which I loved. I really like overcooked rice when it all sticks together so the sticky rice was perfect!

It was such a lovely evening and had such a chilled out vibe. The staff were really friendly and helpful and told us all about the food we were ordering. There's such an authentic feel in there and I will most definitely be visiting again soon!
Eat, live, always,

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